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The First, Important Step to Recovery

RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia Detoxification for alcohol and Drugs in GeorgiaOften alcohol and drug use will have progressed to a level that just stopping is difficult but more importantly is life threatening. You do not have to be a daily drinker or drug user to have physical dependence that results in withdrawal symptoms. Not only can these withdrawal symptoms drive you back to drinking and drug abuse, but they can also be severe enough to cause seizures and even death. In such cases, you need medically supervised detox in the safe setting of a hospital.

Most people are reluctant to seek admission to a hospital for detoxification, but often it is medically necessary, just as when a diabetic’s sugars are so out of control that they require hospital admission to safely and appropriately be treated.

Detoxing from alcohol and drugs is just the first step in obtaining sobriety. Detoxing will enable you to free your body and mind from the immediate toxic effect of these substances and allow you to focus on and do the treatment work that is necessary for long-term recovery from addiction.


To determine what type of Georgia detox treatment plan and what type of program you receive — whether inpatient, residential, or outpatientRiverMend Health Centers of Georgia will conduct the following evaluations:

  • Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluation
  • Addiction Assessment
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Family, Living and Work Environment Assessment
  • Spiritual Assessment
  • Struggling with Anxiety, Depression,
    Trauma or Addiction?
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Many patients develop significant medical and psychiatric disorders while they are actively abusing drugs and alcohol. Frequently, these disorders may not be evident until detoxification has begun. While undergoing this Inpatient Detoxification process at RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia, under the care of physicians at the Medical College of Georgia, patients will also be carefully evaluated and treated for the presence of co-occurring medical and psychiatric problems at levels impossible in an outpatient setting. RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia also provides immediate access to expert consultants in every medical specialty as well as the supporting state of the art technology to conduct complete evaluations and begin prompt addiction treatment of these contributing conditions as well.

Phase 1 of the RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia’s detoxification program includes, in-depth evaluation, detoxification and acute stabilization to save lives and rapidly prepare our patients for the treatment work of Phase 2 that leads to lifelong sobriety.

Our Georgia Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment Plan

2395148_mWe recognize that every patient has unique needs. RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia will create a tailored treatment plan to suit your specific situation. We evaluate your needs based on the amount and types of substances you are currently using to determine the type of alcohol and drug detoxification needed, whether for alcohol, narcotics, or other drugs. RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia utilizes the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria to appropriately match the appropriate intensity of treatment to the severity of your illness. Your personalized detox, evaluation and stabilization program will be designed to include other relevant medical or psychological conditions. Once stabilized, our clinicians at RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia in Atlanta and Augusta will help you make a smooth transition into Phase 2 where you will begin working on the individualized addiction recovery and treatment plan developed in Phase 1.

A Mutual Commitment to Recovery

RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia is committed to treating your entire well-being, not just your addiction. Your own motivation and continuing commitment to get and stay sober is key to the success of your addiction treatment plan. To be successful in our detoxification and alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, we ask that you adhere to the treatment plans established with you by attending scheduled visits, participating in prescribed addiction therapies and treatments, and communicating with your attending physicians, recovery coaches and case managers at RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia about concerns and/or questions.

Detox alone is not addiction treatment, but the sooner you begin your detox program, the better your opportunity to achieve long-term recovery. At RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia, we care about your safety and well being, so please don’t delay in getting into a safe, healing partnership with us.

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