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Managing Chronic Pain Without Narcotics

RiverMend Health Centers Georgia-Based Non-Opioid Pain Management ProgramIf you are suffering from chronic pain and recovering from an addiction to prescription pain medication, RiverMend Health Centers has a program for you. The non-opioid pain management program is intended for individuals in addiction recovery or for those who are seeking an alternative to their chronic pain relief. We work to restore physical, mental and spiritual balance, without surgery, narcotics or opioids. Instead, we treat the whole person and identify underlying causes of acute or chronic pain that past medical evaluations may have missed.

In the past few years, holistic and integrative health approaches for specific conditions have increased among individuals seeking a substitute for medication. This includes a growing number of people who are turning to alternative medicine, or functional medicine, for pain management.

If you are suffering from chronic pain and/or recovering from an addiction to prescription pain medication, RiverMend Health Centers offers a multidisciplinary science-based,  Non-Opioid Pain Management Program for individuals in addiction recovery or for those who seek an alternative to their chronic pain relief. RiverMend Health Centers works to restore physical, mental and spiritual balance by treating the whole person and by identifying underlying causes of acute or chronic pain that past medical treatments may have missed.

By avoiding surgery and narcotics or opioid treatments, RiverMend Health Centers guides patients through alternative pain management therapies that promote the body’s self-healing process. These alternative pain management treatments have shown promising results in delivering more effective, longer lasting, natural, pain relief for acute or chronic pain sufferers.

Our Individualized Functional Medicine Program

RiverMend Health Centers’ Non-Opioid Pain Management Program begins with a careful medical assessment of the individual which includes an assessment on environmental and genetic factors which contribute to the individual’s condition, history of acute or chronic pain, prior surgical procedures for chronic pain, and a thorough review of any pain medication abuse.

Based on the evaluation, a comprehensive, individualized non-opioid pain management treatment plan is developed and may include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Naturopathy
  • Dietary Changes
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Herbal remedies
  • Group therapy
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Mind-Body medicine
  • Natural Pain Management

Benefits of Functional Medicine

When all other medical treatments, surgeries and medications have proven futile for your chronic pain, or you need to recover from pain medication addiction without the use of medication,  RiverMend Health Centers’ Non-Opioid Pain Management Program may be the answer to your natural source of pain relief.

Functional Medicine Program provides:

No Narcotics. Individuals who are prescribed medication such as narcotics for chronic pain face many risks including a cycle of addiction as they require more and more of the medication to achieve relief from their pain. Besides this alarming risk, medications may pose the risk of unwanted and dangerous side effects.

Whole Person Approach. A key difference between traditional and Functional Medicine is that Functional Medicine emphasizes whole-person care: body, mind and spirit. Our Non-Opioid Pain Management Program addresses not just the physical ailments, but also the individual’s emotional and spiritual health.

Preventive Care. Whereas one may seek traditional medicine once an illness strikes, the basic tenets of our Non-Opioid Pain Management Program encourages patients to engage in preventive care, which focuses on disease prevention, health maintenance, and well visits.

Get Help Now

11795226_mWherever you are on your journey in healing from chronic pain or recovering from prescription pain medication addiction, RiverMend Health Centers’ pain remediation therapies can restore your quality of life and well-being. You do not have to be a recovering addict to access RiverMend Health Centers’ Non-Opioid Pain Management program. If you are a chronic pain sufferer and are interested in natural healing without narcotics, call today.

Call 1(844) 646-9313 to speak to a RiverMend Health Centers pain medication abuse and addiction expert. Our compassionate, friendly staff will guide you through a free phone consultation, discuss your treatment options, and schedule an in-person evaluation.


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