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Family Program Provides Support for All

Addiction hurts the whole family

Drug and alcohol addiction causes immense suffering. It ruins relationships, takes away livelihoods, damages people’s physical and mental health, and steals even their sense of self, turning them into someone they hardly recognize.

Addiction doesn’t only hurt the individual with the substance use disorder. Families suffer too – often profoundly.

Spouses, partners, parents and the children of addicts see the person they love disappearing before their eyes. Family members live with constant worry and fear for their loved one’s safety. Family members may become preoccupied with keeping track of their loved one’s whereabouts and managing the fallout from destructive, unpredictable behavior.

Family members may also feel forced to compromise their own values to protect their loved one and their family, including lying to employers, hiding the extent of the addiction, isolating or skipping social events to avoid embarrassment and setting aside their own needs as they struggle to cope with the havoc in their home lives.

Addiction breaks family member’s hearts. At the same time, family members may also feel tremendous anger, hurt and resentment at their loved one’s behavior.

RiverMend Health Centers Family Program Focuses on Healing

Addiction treatment helps those in recovery gain the skills to stay sober, heal from the damage caused by addiction and rebuild their relationships and lives. Families also need support to heal from the deep wounds caused by the addiction and resulting behavior. By participating in RiverMend Health Centers Family Program, family members:

  • Learn about addiction, how addiction targets free will and why 12-step recovery programs are so important.

  • Connect with other families who have faced similar challenges, creating an important support network.

  • Gain insight into “enabling” behaviors that mean well but sabotage recovery, and how to avoid them while still showing love and concern.

  • Learn ways to effectively support their loved one, especially during the critical days of early recovery.

  • Better understand how addiction has impacted family dynamics, and begin the healing process.

Family Orientation and Multi-Family Group Therapy

Family Orientation
After their loved one has been admitted into treatment at RiverMend Health Centers, family members are asked to participate in Family Orientation.

During orientation, families learn about the disease of addiction and practical advice on supporting recovery, such as making a home safe from triggers, setting boundaries that provide accountability and structure, identifying signs of relapse, and having an action plan in case of relapse.

Families are also educated about our gender-specific Structured Living Program, which provides a supportive environment for patients in the Intensive Outpatient or Partial Hospitalization programs during the transition back to a more independent life.

Multi-Family Group
Held weekly, the Multi-Family Group brings together families and those struggling with addiction to share experiences and hear others’ perspectives. Families create a network with other families who understand what they’ve been through and can provide encouragement.

Patients in recovery also participate in the Multi-Family Group, which offers the chance to practice mindfulness, and communication and relationship skills. By hearing the devastating effect of addiction on other families, patients gain insights into the impact of addiction on their own.

By coming together, family members begin to reconnect with one other, strengthen bonds that have been broken by the addiction, and start to rebuild trust.

Get Help Now

If you or someone you know would benefit from our Family Program, please call us for a free, confidential assessment with one of our Admissions Counselors.

Call 1(844) 646-9313 to speak to a RiverMend Health Centers behavioral health and addiction expert. Our compassionate, friendly staff will guide you through a free phone consultation, discuss your treatment options, and schedule an in-person evaluation from a physician.


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