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    • 05 MAR 15

    National Expert, William S. “Bill” Jacobs, MD, To Present At The Prestigious 7th Annual Mississippi Addiction Conference

    Titled “Pain and Addiction,” Dr. William S. Jacobs addresses abuse, overdose and need for detox resulting from prescription pain medications

    JACKSON, Miss. (March 5, 2015) – At the 7th Annual Mississippi Addiction Conference “The Basics and Beyond,” leaders in addiction treatment met today in Jackson, Mississippi to listen to keynote speeches and updates in best clinical practices. Among the numerous respected William S. Jacobs, Jr. M.D., addressed the role that pain medications have had in today’s opiate overdose and addiction epidemic and new evidence-based treatment options.

    “It is hard to believe that much of the current opiate addiction epidemic has come about by overprescribing and by flooding our cities with narcotic medications,” said Dr. Jacobs, Chief of Addiction Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University (GRU) and Medical Director at the Bluff Plantation in Augusta, Georgia.

    As a GRU Chief and triple board certified expert in addiction medicine, anesthesiology, and pain medicine, Dr. Jacobs shared best practices for evaluating and treating pain, detoxifying those addicted and monitoring patients to prevent abuse or addiction.

    “Once a person is abusing their medications, mixing them with other drugs or alcohol, not taking them as prescribed, a complete evaluation by an expert in addiction medicine is needed. Many times patients know that they have developed a problem but other times they only know that the medications are not working well or at all,” added Dr. Jacobs.

    Dr. David Smith, who is the former president of the American Society of Addition Medicine (ASAM), was among the many audience members today listening to Dr. Jacobs’ relevant speech. “This is such an important topic, pain medications-pain-and addiction we cannot ever spend too much time discussing it at national meetings like this and bringing what we learn to treatment providers, our colleagues and patients.”

    “While drug and alcohol addictions are major problems for our state and region, we’re all grateful to have an expert like William Jacobs leading our teaching and treatment programs here at MCG at GRU,” said Vaughn McCall M.D., Chairman of Psychiatry at GRU.

    Dr. Jacobs’s audience today included leaders, clinicians and dozens of national experts involved in the Professionals Health Programs Network (PHP).

    For more information about the 7th Annual Mississippi Conference visit http://www.professionalshealthnetwork.com/ and for more information about Dr. Jacobs visit www.bluffplantation.com. Dr. Jacobs is available for interviews.


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