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    • 04 FEB 15
    Treatment Services Offered At RiverMend Health Centers (Formerly Georgia Detox and Recovery Centers)

    Treatment Services Offered At RiverMend Health Centers (Formerly Georgia Detox and Recovery Centers)

    Addiction has been misunderstood and stigmatized for years, but medical professionals are shedding light on the issue of addiction as a disease that affects the mind, body and spirit. At rehabilitation facilities like Georgia Detox and Recovery Centers, medical professionals are helping patients work toward recovery from both a scientific and holistic point of view.
    Understanding addiction as a medical condition helps rehabilitation facilities deliver focused and efficient treatment to recovering patients. But it also benefits patients who have submitted themselves for Georgia drug treatment and are going through the recovery process, by helping them to understand there is a medical component to their suffering.

    General Treatment Services Offered At RiverMend Health Centers (Formerly Georgia Detox and Recovery Centers)
    Recovery centers like Georgia Detox and Recovery Centers offer patients several types of therapeutic programs to work through any issues related to their substance abuse so they can heal and be substance-free. Part of our long-term recovery solutions is to equip our patients with an arsenal of coping tools that they can rely on rather than drugs or alcohol.

    Regardless of the substance — whether morphine, alcohol, methamphetamines, or opioids — attending a drug and alcohol treatment center in Georgia can help patients take advantage of scientific and holistic approaches to recovery. If the patient still suffers from the throes of addiction upon arrival, they will need to receive an evaluation or assessment to find out the level that those will need to address. After the staff evaluates the patient, they recommend the appropriate level of care that the patient should undergo before starting treatment.

    Detox Treatment Services
    We are ready to help patients in crisis once they arrive at our facility with the right ambulatory detox protocol. Patients who arrive at Georgia Detox and Recovery Centers who are suffering from addiction or who still have drugs in their system, need to first rid their body of those substances under supervised medical care. The medical professionals on staff take several factors into consideration, including each patient’s potential withdrawal response, any allergies or other complicating conditions, and emotional, behavioral, and cognitive stress that a patient may experience while going through the detox treatment. Our medical professionals are prepared for any possible reaction in a patient undergoing detox.

    Recovery Services at Georgia Detox and Recovery Centers
    Once patients receive the proverbial ‘all-clear’ to proceed with their recovery, they will find a wealth of recovery services available to them at our rehabilitation center. Most importantly, patients have the ability to relax and let our professionals help them move through their treatment plan – one that is specific to their needs.

    Level IV Detoxification and Ambulatory Detox. Patients entering the facility who still suffer from substance addiction at the time will need to rid those toxins from their system. They will go to a hospital that works with their chosen facility to undergo detox treatment. Patients may meet criteria for outpatient, ambulatory detox where they continue to live at home while meeting with medical professionals daily at the outpatient facility.
    Partial Hospitalization Program: Boutique individualized Partial Hospitalization is a level of care that allows patients to live at home or in sober living, while attending treatment 5 days per week.

    Intensive Outpatient Program: With individualized and flexible schedules, patients attend several options of Intensive Outpatient Treatment, attending 3-5 days per week.

    Alcohol Use Disorders and Addiction. Medical and clinical professionals will help the patient deal with alcohol disorders similarly to how one would deal with diabetes since they are both chronic debilitating conditions.

    Drug Use Disorders and Addiction. Whether you suffer from heroin, methamphetamine or opioid addiction, you will find a multi-dimensional addiction treatment plan that will help you stop the vicious and destructive cycle of drug use.

    Pain Medication Abuse and Addiction. Patients can undergo this specialized plan to help rid them of their addiction to prescription pain medication.

    Dual Disorders. Combining substance abuse with depression or anxiety can wreak additional havoc in the life of someone with addiction, therefore there are special services to address this issue.

    Continuous Care. Recovery goes far beyond the walls of any facility, and professionals understand that patients will need tools and resources that last a lifetime. With these services, patients learn different ways to continue their recovery for the rest of their lives.

    For Impaired Professionals. At-risk professionals don’t just suffer from addiction, but also from the fear of losing their careers and professional lives. The impaired professional services strive to help professionals recover and continue their successful professional lives.

    RiverMend Health Centers help patients by providing them with the tools required to achieve long-term recovery from addictionl. If you want to get on the road to recovery, don’t hesitate. Give us a call to get back on track.

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