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    • 08 OCT 14
    Georgia Detox and Recovery Center Opens First Facilities Offering Transformative Substance Abuse Treatment Method for Atlantans

    Georgia Detox and Recovery Center Opens First Facilities Offering Transformative Substance Abuse Treatment Method for Atlantans

    This week the Atlanta Georgia Detox and Recovery Centers (GDRC) opened its doors to patients suffering from Substance Use Disorders. With more than seven percent of Georgia residents dealing with alcohol or drug addiction, this new center marks a noteworthy shift from a 20th to a 21st century method to treating addiction-related diseases.

    The cornerstone of this approach is a process known as RecoveryMind Training™ was developed by Paul H. Earley, M.D., FASAM. Through a decade-long process, Dr. Earley studied and identified best practices to effectively treat professionals in safety-sensitive jobs (i.e., airline pilots and physicians) where an addiction relapse would endanger others. Earley’s studies brought him to the conclusion that these lessons from his chronic care model could be applied to anyone suffering from addiction.

    “Using our approach, we see remission rates approaching 80-percent over a five-year period in selected populations,” said Dr. Earley, a member of GDRC’s Scientific Board of Advisors. “We confirmed those results through random drug tests. But what’s most impressive is comparing those statistics to standard treatment models, in which approximately 70-percent of patients relapse in the first year.”

    This new approach viewed and treated substance abuse disorder as a chronic disease. Dr. Earley worked with Dr. William Jacobs, one of America’s foremost addiction experts, to create what would become the GDRC treatment method. Among the major differences of this academic-driven method, is that it addresses substance abuse disorder as a progressive, chronic, and potentially fatal neurological disease. As such, it is a condition that must be controlled and consistently addressed.

    Doctor Jacobs, Chief Medical Officer, Georgia Detox and Recovery Centers, stated, “we are moving away from crisis driven, short-term focused therapy to a new treatment model that offers ongoing care, and is based on an effective model documented to have significantly lower relapse rates.”

    Nationally renowned, and a Georgia native, Dr. Jacobs is Chief of Addiction Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University. He is also triple Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.

    GDRC’s treatment employs the unique addition of “experiential” training and exercises. This component teaches substance abuse sufferers to recognize societal triggers for misuse and abuse to better prepare to avoid them, and deal with them situations of treatment.

    “We incorporate both 12-step and faith-based approaches into a complete treatment model that combines detox and recovery under one roof,” said Tina Black, Vice President, Operations, Georgia Detox and Recovery Centers. “The GDRC treatment method is critical to breaking the ‘back from the brink’ detox therapy that for so many addicts becomes the continuous, vicious cycle so often demonstrated on celebrity news sites.”

    Affiliation with Medical College of Georgia The opening of Georgia Detox and Recovery represents Georgia’s first ever affiliation between an addiction treatment center and an accredited academic Medical College. Together these two organizations work in tandem to develop and advance scientifically driven treatments that are based on outcomes data, evidence-based methods, experiential learning and continuous rehabilitation. This expanding partnership will increase awareness, deter substance abuse and increase access to treatment for Georgians.

    Making addiction medicine part of the curriculum for physicians and continuing education for current practitioners through the Medical College of Georgia will provide Georgia residents more access to quality treatment.

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