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    • 29 JUN 15
    10 Tips on Healthy Relationships

    10 Tips on Healthy Relationships

    Our relationships are often a reflection of our inner world and psyche. Love and support are vital to life and health, especially when we are working to make positive changes. The more we develop and heal our inner issues, the more evolved our love relationships can become—with family, friends, and our significant other.

    Habits and behaviors can become abuses and addictions and this undermines our growth and health. This is work that every individual needs to do—break habits and take a break from them. Often we are helped by loving support from allies who want to see us grow. So, it’s a bit of “catch-22” as we need support for this and yet when we don’t treat ourselves in loving ways, we may be angry, find other ways of abuse to self and others, and thus hold ourselves back from this important evolution.

    Check out these 10 positive tips for creating healthy relationships.

    1. Make your love relationships a high priority in your life.
    2. Work on yourself. Grow and evolve to be able to give and receive energy and love. These things are learned. If you do not have the psychological tools for this, it’s worth the investment for counseling and classes.
    3. Communicate your feelings clearly. If you disagree, learn how to “fight fair.” Listen and respond rather than react. Explore your feelings and then answer.
    4. Do not say things out of anger (attempting to hurt your loved one emotionally) when you feel vulnerable or victimized. That can continue the hurtful feelings and cause a separation. Aren’t we always looking for healing and unity?
    5. Appreciate the little things and pay special attention to the important issues. Be respectful and acknowledge/commend each other. Dreaming together is part of love and staying aligned. Do you share a complementary path with your partner?
    6. Nurture one another. Enjoy flowers, laughter, beauty, massage, and good food. Take care of your health, for you and your loved ones.
    7. Shift roles occasionally so that you can experience your partner’s life. Be open to change patterns. Both men and women can work and still care for the family and their children; or they can primarily be at home, yet find ways to create and interact in the world.
    8. Create family support and extended family, especially if you have children. Otherwise, life as parents can be quite challenging and stressful on personal relationships. Find time in the relationship for special adventures.
    9. Keep the magic alive. Surprise one another. Avoid feeling overwhelmed in your world so you’re unable to tune into others. Be present in the precious gift of life.
    10. Maintain an emotional and spiritual connection as well as mental and physical ones. The more we share with one another, the deeper the love connection.