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    • 24 SEP 15
    10 Tips For “Cleaning” Up Your Life

    10 Tips For “Cleaning” Up Your Life

    Here are 10 tips for cleaning up different aspects of your life in order to live a happier one:


    Make Your Overall Plan and Commitments:Look at the key areas of life, which include your health and personal habits, love and relationships, and career or work. And if love moves into all those areas, that is all the better, as you will care for yourself and your life, plus your relationships in a positive way. Human love is temporal for many, yet love in the Spirit is everlasting. We are all blessed to share this garden, this Earth, which needs our Love and Protection. We must take the time to Nurture Nature, in order to be Nourished and Flourish.


    Look at Your Nutritional Supplements:What are the best ones to use during a detoxification diet? I suggest, with a food-based detox program, using a simple age- and gender-appropriate multivitamin and mineral supplement, including antioxidants such as vitamins C and E (mixed, natural tocopherols) and selenium as the basic supplement plan. Also helpful for most people are herbs that stimulate bowel function, and blue green algae (like Chlorella or Spirulina) for energy and detox support. I also suggest drinking plenty of water and herbal teas. Calcium and magnesium before bed can help with relaxation and sleep or a buffered vitamin C formula with those minerals (plus potassium) help to alkalinize and cleanse the body.


    Do A Cleansing or Detox Program for 1 to 3 Weeks:This could include juice cleansing, The Detox Diet, or a period off sugar, chocolate, sodas, milk products, wheat, or whatever you believe undermines your health. To do this successfully, it helps to write out a plan and focus on what you will do and will eat, and not what you are leaving out. Make a list of your good foods, shop for them, and have them available whenever you are hungry. And drink lots of good water. At minimum, try taking a break from the Big Five: Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol, Wheat, and Dairy.


    Look at Your Emotional and Spiritual Aspects:How do you feel usually? Are you low or depressed? Or positive and energetic? Ideally, we can feel a wide range of emotions based on our daily life experiences, and not dwell on one particular emotion, which is the real problem. Embrace the whys of moods and energy levels with greater honesty of your true feelings, which is the beginning of healing feelings. And I can tell you that many factors, ranging from your diet and digestive health to learned behavior patterns from your early childhood, influence your mood, energy level, and emotions, and thus your spiritual well being.


    Look at Your Dietary Choices:What do you choose to put in your mouth, your body? And what kind of “fuel” do you give your other areas of energy intake, like your eyes, ears, skin, and heart? Write down a few days of your typical diet, then assess it and write a new plan based on your knowledge of what is right for your body. You may also wish to take a break from the TV, news, violent movies, and stressful people while you are purifying your life. It is good to have a reference handy when taking a break, even from substances like caffeine and sugar (as in my book, The Detox Diet), to track how you feel and what level your dependence is on your favorite substances. I can assure you that it feels good to release yourself from those habits. Remember, better choices create better health!


    Get Outdoors and Exercise:Move your body! Stay fit and stay healthy. Friluftsliv is a Norwegian term for healing and de-stressing by going outdoors and exercising in the free and fresh air. Hike and explore your neighborhood and community, or go to a place you have heard about and want to visit. I love the lightness and easiness I feel when I am cleansing, and my body feels more flexible and able to do aerobic exercise. A yoga class is a good experience to expand your flexibility. Breathe and relax as well. Play music, dance, and make time for romance.


    Clean and Organize Your Home:Each season is an opportunity to clear out the old and bring in the new—any time is a good time to clean and freshen our lives. I love this feeling of looking at my desk, my closet, and every nook and cranny around my house and office, and wanting to freshen it all. And it is a good way to stay out of the kitchen and look at other areas of my life. Of course, after all my years of accumulating stuff, and with all of the communication and medical and health journals I receive, it is harder to handle everything in my existence than it was in my earlier years of cleansing. Yet, I do what I can and sometimes have my support team keep moving things forward and recycling what we can. Then, my life feels and looks cleaner and lighter at the end of my “Spring Cleaning,” whenever it may occur, and I have space for the new to land.


    Choose Three Habits:Look at three habits that inhabit you and likely undermine your health and life. How and when did they begin, and are you done with any of them? Which ones are most important for you to change to create a healthier you? Do you need help or can you do this on your own? A few of mine include eating more lightly at night so that I can digest more fully to be less full for sleep, taking more time for stretching and yoga, and creating a nutritional plan (with some other experts) to reverse the coronary artery plaque I have.


    Look at Your Personal Relationships:How do they affect you and how do you affect them? Include your significant other, friends, or relatives to go along with you in a Seasonal Cleansing diet for their own good and for mutual support. For my cleanse groups, I find that personal support is extremely valuable for many people to achieve the success they want.


    Become Current in Your Life:Embrace yourself honestly as you look at all of your habits and areas of your life. Even with all the worldly concerns, care for yourself and your loved ones. Assess the various aspects of your life to see where stresses or weaknesses exist, such as those in your diet, exercise program, work, or relationships. Focus on the ones that need improvement.